Meet the Owner

Originally hailing from Miami, Florida, I currently reside in the gorgeous city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Prior to retiring, I spent a great deal of my life working for the railroad system, where I noticed a decline in my skin health. Traveling between states, the weather and climate was certainly rough on my skin… Until I discovered this secret.

A secret that has left my friends perplexed by my smooth and ageless skin. At first, I simply smiled and accepted these onslaughts of compliments, but only recently have I become interested in sharing my routine with the world.

Are you ready? 100% Raw African Black Soap is what healed me. This product works wonders not only because it could replace your current body and face wash, makeup remover, and shampoo, but also because it has helped me reduce my breakouts, razor bumps, and other skin irritations!

The exfoliating, yet moisturizing, formula has helped maintain my healthy skin, and even reduce signs of aging! To name a few, here are some of this miracle product’s specs:

  • All-natural, deep-cleaning alternative to lab-formulated body or face washes
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • No animal testing; No additives or fragrances; Just pure, all natural soap!
  • 100% Raw African Black Soap is a unique soap native to West Africa. In a process that has gone unchanged for generations, shea butter is combined with plantain skins and cocoa pods to create a gentle yet effective cleanser. This soap has a natural, earthy scent and contains no irritating additives. African Black Soap is growing in popularity, especially in the US, because of its versatility. It cleans deeply and exfoliates but is gentle enough for everyday use!

Happening upon this product, I became enthralled with this new world of natural health and beauty products, so much so that I decided to bring them to you all!

Well, that is my secret. Now you know! Share this with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc!

Rita Sykes